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Free Minecraft Accounts List Free October 2018 (Tested and Updated)

free minecraft account list

Free Minecraft Accounts List is available for your benefit. Enjoy the updated Minecraft Premium Accounts of October.

With the passage of time, gaming is becoming popular among the people around the whole world. It is not anymore limited to any particular region or area, it is under the global reach of the people across the globe. However, there are some games which are really addictive and people tend to spend money on buying accounts of such games. One of such games is Minecraft and free Minecraft accounts are basically the need of the hour.

People will go crazy if they are offered the free accounts of Minecraft. The video game players know the worth of Minecraft and the free account status, so there is no chance to miss it. The post focuses on the list of Minecraft with their details including the username and password to run the account and play it.

Minecraft: The game and Features

minecraft account list

Minecraft is a sandbox video game which was released back in 2011. The earlier concept and design was created by a Swedish game designer named Markus. After some time, it was fully developed and released all over the world by Mojang. The best thing about this game is that it is available on various gaming platforms such as PS4, Xbox, Android, and many more. Minecraft has been regarded as one of the best selling PC games of all time. With the increased popularity of this game, everybody is curious to know about the premium version of this game.

Today, we bring to you the list of free Minecraft accounts along with their password with an access to the premium model of the game. You can finally know about how the game look from the premium version. As of today, PUBG and Fortnite have built a huge fan base on different platforms in a short period of time of their release. Same happened with Minecraft in the initial years of its release. It received quite a good reception and the number grew instantly by its users. It quickly became popular among the PC users and spread throughout the world. It was simply the best game of that time and it is still regarded as one of the best in the business. It may not look as phenomenal as other games of today but it is quite addictive.

What makes Minecraft the best?

It has a lot of features which makes them the best in the business. Minecraft will easily go down as one of the best games in the history of PC gaming. The game allows the users to make their own world in the way individual desires to develop or design. It gives them the ability to do so that freedom helps to bring out the creativity of the user. In this game, you can build your own city or town by putting the things wherever you want to in the way you like it without any prohibitions or restrictions.

Another feature of the game is its spectator’s mode. This mode is very beneficial for the users which allows them to check out the achievements of different players. Most of the times, people try to peek inside the account of top players of their league. However, you cannot change anything regarding that as you can only give a watch to their kingdom.

It is familiar among the users and the players who play Minecraft that the premium version of the game costs some bucks which are not affordable by everyone. On the books, it is $26+ for the in-app purchases of Minecraft and people hesitate to buy it for different reasons. Some are not ready to spend their cash on the game whereas some do not have sufficient bank balance to meet the requirements. However, to help those in the need, we bring to you the list of accounts with their passwords.

Free Minecraft Accounts 2018 (October) Updated and Tested List

Below is the list of free Minecraft accounts 2018. They have been mentioned in the format of accounts and passwords. Use them and enjoy!

Updated Accounts:

Hey guys, we have recently updated our list and added these new account which works perfectly. The list is such as ‘username – passwords’ or ’email ids – passwords’.

  1. connor41 – Пароль когда наберём 100%
  2. krohalev10 – давай 100% скажу пароль
  3. – наберём 100% скажу пароль
  4. 56ANimenf – пароль после 100%
  5. Чро – 134
  6. Kolya228986986 – Когда 50%
  7. пасрми – сптмрьитсо
  9. – Когда наберем 100% скажу
  10. – Когда будет 90%Скажу!

Old Accounts:

  1. Hej50465002
  2. viper21
  3. Sold!er15
  4. pong9999
  5. 15jweiner
  6. Rm9p28hruf
  7. jinriku523
  8. Ab175021343
  9. Spencer13
  10. Truedox1
  11. Foxtail19
  12. Buster323
  13. saunsheep1233
  14. ChuchuRicky1
  15. sylvia2381
  16. bryan2004
  17. keegan33
  18. Fatman007
  19. LadyenWilly
  20. franko10
  21. snooze123.
  22. Nobelguymur2761
  23. boogerboy1313
  24. SIBUNA1996
  25. montre21
  26. killer007
  27. – sausagesx3
  28. – gizzzy123
  29. sailboat2
  30. Friend11

How to get a Minecraft premium account for free?

free minecraft premium account

It is quite easy to get the premium account for free. But sometimes people mess up the process, so we have prepared a detailed step by step guide to complete the process of getting a free Minecraft account. Make sure you follow every step carefully as it has been mentioned below.

Step #1: The initial step of the process is to open your web browser, we recommend you to use Google Chrome, and go to the official website of Minecraft. The link to the official website of Minecraft is:

Step #2: Wait for the page to load, once the home page is fully loaded, click on the login button on the top of the page.

Step #3: Head to the registration page and fill in the necessary details such as Full name, email address, password, and everything else what it asks. In case you already have a Minecraft account, simply log in with your details.

Step #4: After the whole process is completed, they will send a confirmation email to your ID. Make sure you confirm it by entering the four-digit code they sent to you via email.

That’s it. Now you are ready to use the Minecraft account for free.

Get Minecraft Accounts from Telegram channels

Telegram is an amazing platform to get a free Minecraft premium account. People are very fond of this game and they have a healthy discussion regarding it on Telegram. They would be more happy to share their premium accounts will fellow Minecraft fans.

To get such account details, you need to join the following telegram channels. You can simply click on the link and you will be redirected to it:

  • (Everything about the game and the news regarding latest updates)
  • (Details regarding Minecraft premium accounts)

Conclusion: Minecraft Accounts List

Now you are ready to jump in one of the biggest fan bases in the gaming industry with their premium accounts. There is nothing else you can know regarding the premium version of Minecraft. However, it is a suggestion to stay away from scams and phishing sites which tell about giving away Minecraft accounts List for free.

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