Download the digital copy of the book you want to read from Book Torrenting Site. In this article, we’ve mentioned torrent sites for ebooks and audiobooks.

Books are a world of their own. A world where we want to venture into, to take us away from mundane, to learn about mysteries of the universe, and to be our companions on some lonely days. Nothing can beat reading a book with a cup of coffee, while it rains outside. The smell of the book and coffee invigorates the mind and soul.
But sometimes you don’t get all the books that you want in the world in a paperbound format. Also, sometimes it gets heavy to travel with a big fat book to toe along. Hence the digital world has come to the rescue of book-lovers with the option of e-Books – a friend you can carry anywhere with you.

eBooks are a great option considering the cost and the size that is much less of a burden than hard copies. You just store them on your tablets, Smartphones, or laptops and have them on the go.

So now without further ado, let us dive in some of the best book torrenting sites:

Best Torrent Sites for eBooks

Wikibooks org Torrent Sites for EBooks

This one has a massive database with books in many languages like English, Dutch, Italian, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, and 5 other languages. So if you are looking for books in any of these languages you are sure to find it on this site which is available worldwide. The UI is simple and keeps it easy to search for any book by first selecting the language and then searching for the book title. torrent site for books

A colossal library of free eBooks defines this torrent site. Its massive database has books in diverse genres like fiction, Classics, Academic, non-fiction, and Textbooks. It also has Audiobooks. What’s unique about this site is that it encourages eBooks writers to write more by providing them a platform for publishing their work. You can download books in many formats from this site, some of them are PDF, Kindle, ePUB, and Txt File.

The Pirate Bay

pirate bay book torrenting site

You will found the most popular eBooks here. This is the most searched eBook torrent site with support for SSL encryption keeping file transfers and downloads safe. Founded in 2003, this site has books for all genres like comics, Manga books, gaming, amine, graphics, and many more. It provides you the facility of using Magnet links which makes downloads safer. It also allows peer-to-peer file sharing. Along with books, it contains other content like movies, TV shows, games, etc. For ease of use, it provides searching for books by their title.

Planet eBook

With this site, you the bygone era on your mobile device with a hoard of classic literature available here. You get books from authors like Mark Twain, Anne Bronte, Jane Austin, and many other favorite authors of that time. It has a mobile-friendly design and books are available in many formats. This small selection of high-quality eBooks is free. It currently has a database of 50,000 books.


All the fun stuff is neatly present in this site’s well-developed UI. You get eBooks, games, movies, TV series, documentaries, anime, etc here. It contains a good variety of audiobooks as well. It provides a magnet link for download. It also has a peer-to-peer file sharing facility with which a wide range of data can be accessed from sites like Retroshare, eDonkey, ZeroNet, Bittorrent, IPFU, etc. The UI has the contents segregated into dedicated sections, based on their genre.

Best Anime Torrent Sites


This one stands at the forefront of eBook torrent downloading sites. With more than 16 million torrents across genres, this site offers much other content for download apart from eBooks. You can download movies, TV series, music, software, games, etc. from this site. There are many Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional language movies available through this torrent indexing site.

Kickass torrent

It can provide a great backup for The Pirates Bay site. It has similar content and a huge catalog of eBooks, movies, gaming, anime, comic books, and others. In case the site is down, there are a few proxy sites you can use, some of the Kickass proxy sites are,, and


One of the most visited sites back in 2014/2015, this ebook torrent site offers a wide range of popular as well as rare torrents that are no longer available easily. The UI is clean with no ads popping up, making it a very smooth experience. This meta-search engine is quite powerful and combines results from a plethora of search engines. It has impressive statistics of indexing 31,102,502 active torrents involving 125,464,743 pages across 26 domains. The UI is stark with just a search panel and user menu. Users can search for anything by typing in the keywords.


This is a textbook torrent site that is dependable with a neat UI. It is one of the few torrent sites which have verified torrents. You can find many movies, TV series, anime, etc also here. Searching and downloading eBooks is a very straightforward affair with its clean UI.

Note: You can search for proxies for these torrent sites from the internet, like YTS Proxy or 7Torrents Proxy.

Best Torrent Sites of Audiobooks

Some of the sites mentioned above like 1337X and The Pirate bay also offer audiobooks. There are a few websites exclusively offering quality audiobooks, like the ones mentioned below:

AudioBook Bay

audiobook bay torrent

This is one of the most beloved torrent sites for audiobooks. The content here is well organized in different categories like language, genre, and age.

AudioBooks.Cloud for torrenting audiobooks

Packed with a wide range of audiobooks, you can find many genres on this torrent site like sci-fi, history, fantasy, classics, romantic, etc.


You get free audiobooks here, from the newly published ones to the old retro ones. It has a humungous lineup of 35,000 audiobooks in many genres.

When you want to find the right book torrenting sites, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:


If you are unable to get the kind of books you are looking for, then you can explore more options safely by having a VPN service. VPN will protect your online activities and keep them private as well as protect you from identity theft, spamming, etc. They mask your IP so that your IP address cannot be traced and located, providing you an extra layer of security and comfort.

Format of your device

Not all eBooks have the same format and not all devices support all the formats. So check the formats supported on your device before you decide on which torrenting site to download from. Here is a list of formats supported on few of the common devices:

  • iOS – ePub, PDF
  • Android – PDF, ePUB, , TXT , RTF, Word, MOBI, HTML PRC, , and few more
  • Kindle – Kindle Package Format, Word, HTML, RTF, Adobe PDF, ePub, txt, and MOBI


We are sure you will find something of your interest in any of the torrent sites provided on this list. These are some of the best book torrenting sites with respect to variety, safety, and ease of use. So all you book enthusiasts pick your choice of site and start downloading your dream books now.