SolarMovie unblocked is a proxy version of original SolarMovie Website. SolarMovie unblocked allows you to access and watch free movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. We will also provide a list of SolarMovie alternatives.

If you are a movie buff, you must have heard of the site called SolarMovie. For those who do not know what this website is, you have nothing to worry about as we will discuss everything you need to know about this awesome free movies site. SolarMovie is one of the top online sites which allow the users to watch all the latest movies as well as TV shows absolutely free of cost. You do not have to pay a single dime to enjoy all the latest movies and TV shows which you love to watch. Most of the users use only unblocked SolarMovie as their sole site to download and stream all the latest movies and TV shows.

Best Features of SolarMovie Unblocked

solarmovie unblocked

The reason why the majority of the people prefer SolarMovie over every other online site is because of the features provided by the site. Some of the best features of this site, which tempt the users to go to the site and start streaming their favorite shows are as follows:

  • It has a wide range of TV shows and movies which you can stream online. You can get a hold of old and new movies at any time you want.
  • You get to stream whatever you want to in whichever resolution you choose to. In most of the other streaming sites, you do not get the same quality as you request. When you request for 480p resolution, you will get 480p and when you request 720p, you will get to watch the movie in 720p.
  • Unblocked SolarMovie Proxy is absolutely free of cost and you get to watch your favorite show without paying a single penny.
  • It has a user-friendly interface which makes it smooth for the people to access the site and find whatever they are looking for.
  • It is fast and your request gets loaded without it taking any time. Thus, you can get to watch whatever you are willing to watch in no time.

Why SolarMovie requires proxy?

Many popular online streaming sites are getting banned because of piracy and SolarMovie was one of the victims as well. Earlier, they used to run their site under domain. However, because of the recent ban on that domain, it has started working as since quite a while. Most of the countries and ISPs have banned online streaming sites. Since this is a new domain which this site is using, they will not change it any time soon. However, some people may still face a problem while accessing SolarMovie. If you are one of those people who have trouble accessing this site, then you will have to look for other ways to get access to the site and watch your favorite movies online. The other way is using SolarMovie Proxy.

There are a few ways with which you can easily Unblock SolarMovie for your internet connection. To help you out with those, we have mentioned a few ways with which you can unlock it on your internet and the ways to do so are:

  1. By using 3rd party proxy websites
  2. By using a VPN service

Important Note:

Before proceeding to the discussion, let us talk about an important note which one must keep in mind before using the method.

  • If you are planning on using a VPN to access unblocked SolarMovie on your internet, then you must know that VPNs are not much secure, especially the free VPNs. Also, a VPN puts the added load on your network as well.
  • If you want to use the proxy sites to access this site then you need to know that using 3rd party servers put your privacy at risk. Also, when your proxy server is offline, you will not be able to load the full view.
  • Using either of the two will definitely make your internet connection slow.

Thus, the best way to go about to access the site is by using SolarMovie Proxy/Mirror Sites. If you do not know what proxy sites are, do not worry because we will tell you what those are.

Proxy sites are those sites which are clones of the main site, SolarMovie in this case. However, clone sites work on a different domain and have the same set of context, index, and database. Thus, even if the government or ISP has banned the main domain, you can always go to the clone sites which will act as a perfect alternative for you.

List of Unblocked SolarMovie Proxy Websites

This list contains all the best available sites or proxies through which you can access your favorite SolarMovie website and watch unlimited movies, TV shows, etc. for free. Please note that some of the links might not be working due to technical issues so try another one and tell us in the comments below which ones are down.

Unblocked SolarMovie Proxy/Mirror



https://solarmoviez.toONLINEVery Fast
http://www.thesolarmovie.coONLINEVery Fast
http://solarmovie.netONLINEFast Fast
http://www.solarmovie.grONLINENormal Fast
http://solarmovie.unblocked.redOFFLINEN/A Fast
SolarMovie ProxyONLINENormal
Unblock SolarMovieONLINENormal
SolarMovie UK ProxyONLINEVery Fast
SolarMovie US ProxyONLINESlow
SolarMovie Mirror SiteONLINEFast
SolarMovie AlternativesONLINESlow
Unblock SolarMovie ProxyONLINEVery Fast
SolarMovie UnblockedONLINEFast
Proxy for SolarMovieONLINENormal
Access SolarMovieONLINENormal
SolarMovie Proxy MirrorONLINESlow

Sites like SolarMovie Alternatives

Unblocked SolarMovie Proxy

There are many alternatives for SolarMovie, some of them are:

  1. Vumoo.To
  2. Movies4u
  3. Movie Watcher
  5. Yifymovies
  6. IOMovies
  7. 123Movies
  8. Movie4K
  9. Yes Movies
  10. Hulu


SolarMovie is a great website for all the people who love watching Movies and TV Shows. With the help of Unblocked SolarMovie proxy, you can get unlimited access for free. Thus, if you are unable to access the main domain of this website, you can always rely on these proxy sites to stream whatever you want to. The above-listed sites are easy to access and you do not have to use any tricks. Moreover, the sites are safe to use.